Affiliated Professional Candidacy Course

taught by Michele Burmaster
Michele Burmaster
Michele Burmaster
Board Member, BPFA

About the instructor

With a Bachelor's of Science in Education from the University of South Florida and 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Michele’s life mission is to make fitness accessible to everyone.

Through her own personal and professional experiences, she recognized the disordered practices and extremes in the fitness industry causing people more harm than good for their overall health. She devised the BPFA Eight Pillars to help guide trainers from all around the world in making their fitness practices accessible, approachable, fun communities that operate within their scope of practice and are focused on full mental, emotional and physical health. The mission incorporates body positive environments - free of judgments or assumptions.

Course Contents

3 Videos
5 Surveys
4 Texts
1 Presentation